Fort Mahon Plage

You’ll be so pleased you decided to spend a day at Fort-Mahon while you’re on holiday at the Le Bois de Pins campsite! Fort-Mahon-Plage is a charming seaside resort with plenty to offer, between the Bay of Somme and the Bay of Authie!

The beach, first of all! The 20 kilometres of sand make a fantastic sand yachting track! Although the beach and water sports, especially kayaking, stand-up paddling and kitesurfing, are part and parcel of Fort-Mahon, walking, cycling and horse riding are also very popular. You can hike along the signposted trails of the Dune of Authie (2.5 km) and the Dune of Royon (4 km), discover one of the largest dune massifs in Europe, sit astride a Henson (the iconic horse from the Bay of Somme) and trot along the Marquenterre shoreline or gallop along the Picardy coast, cycle along the beautiful cycling paths around Fort-Mahon or get off the beaten track and head off towards Berck and the Authie estuary.

If you’re a golfer, you’ll be thrilled to step onto the greens at the Belle Dune golf course, recognised as one of the finest golf courses in France by amateurs.